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Walk Well Shoes offer the perfect combination of fit and fashion.
Good health starts from the feet up.



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Did you know?

The average person walks the equivalent of three times around the earth in a lifetime.  Check out our other interesting facts about feet on our FAQ page.


Prescription &
Custom Made Shoes


Whatever your orthopedic needs, Walkwell Shoes has experienced specialists on site to help.


Walk Well Shoes has a long tradition of providing high quality prescription and custom made shoes for men, women and children. Whether its custom orthotics, extra depth shoes that require modifications or custom molded shoes, we are uniquely well qualified to meet all your orthopedic needs.


That’s because we have Board Certified Pedorthists right in the store. We fill prescriptions promptly and on the premises.

Medicare is gladly accepted.

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Proud Participant


Bring in your used shoes to our store and we’ll donate them to this worthy cause.
For more info about Soles4Soles, click here.


B R A N D S    W E    A R E    P R O U D    T O    S E L L

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