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WALKWELL Shoes has 4 Board Certified Pedorthists who specialize in using foot orthotics, shoes and other foot devices to alleviate, treat or correct biomechanical deficits of the foot and their consequences. We also focus on the accommodation of nonfunctional foot problems.

The longitudinal arch of the foot plays an interesting role in walking and running. A lowered or fallen arch could sometimes prevent people from walking well or running and can be in some cases the source of pain in the foot (heel, midfoot or forefoot) at the ankle, knee, in the hip and back.

This type of pain can start and continue with no X-ray or MRI findings of pathology.

By using foot orthotics to support the arch and by using special orthopedic shoes designed for that purpose Walkwell Shoes becomes part of the treatment plan for people with foot, ankle, leg, knee, hip and back pain. If you have foot pain see your doctor.  Most doctors will know what pedorthics can do for you; we see many of their patients and fill their prescriptions.

The average person takes about 6,000 steps a day. That results in significant force or weight on the feet everyday, pressure often concentrates at certain points on the plantar surface ( bottom ) at the metatarsal heads and causes pain. This could further develop into calluses and, latter on, ulceration. For individuals with flexible flat feet it is a nightmare of painful experiences. We cannot over-emphasize the importance of good supportive shoes for them, or walking involves enduring pain.

What about if you have leg length discrepancy, excessive pronation or supination, hallux limitus, foot length and width inequality, collapsed arches, calluses etc.? These are some of the things you may have without knowing, as they are not typically checked by your physician. These factors or conditions can pose a real setback in your quest to walk, run and stay healthy. Also above the age of 60 the fatty layer of the plantar surface may begin to thin exposing the bones of the feet to the pressure of your body weight. The developing pressure points then could become a source of foot pain, calluses and eventual ulceration. Here is where foot inserts or orthotics become necessary for redistribution and relief of pressure.

Other reasons why foot orthotics are prescribed are for control of excessive foot pronation or supination otherwise known as BIOMECHANICAL INSUFFICIENCY. Biomechanical insufficiency in itself can also be the source of Foot, Ankle, Leg, Knee, Hip, or Lower back Pain.

When it comes to sports, foot orthotics can serve a dual function of:

  1.  Preventing injuries and
  2. Enhancing performance.

We design custom foot orthotics and carry many off-the-shelf solutions for all type of sports including but not limited to: Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Cycling, Football, Golf, Hockey, and Lacrosse.